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Christmas Hills Fire Brigade

Dial 000 for all emergencies

What does the Brigade Do?

The Brigade responds to all reports of fire in Christmas Hills and the Bend of Islands.

In country areas of Victoria the local fire brigade is often the first emergency service to arrive at the scene of a motor vehicle accident. Christmas Hills Fire Brigade is no exception to this.

The Brigade also has the responsibility for first reponse to incidents involving hazardous materials such as spills of dangerous chemicals. The Winneke Treatment Plant is in the Brigade Area.

The Brigade is committed to an on-going program of maintaining and improving public understanding of the hazards and responsibilities associated with living in a rural area. As well, the Fire Station is a community focal point for meetings and social events.

Where do we work?

The Brigade serves an area that stretches from the Kinglake National Park at the north end of Skyline Road to the Yarra River at Watson's Creek in the Bend of Islands.

We are also on all to help neighbouring brigades and turn out routinely to assist them during the fire season.

In addition our brigade, like most others, is on call to provide crew and tanker to join strike teams to help anywhere in Victoria or interstate.

Who are We?

The Brigade is made up of volunteers from the community. Most are residents of Christmas Hills or Bend of Islands.

Brigade matters are run by the Brigade Management team led by the Captain, Dianne Simmons.

Meet the Brigade Management Team

What Resources Do We have?

The Christmas Hills Fire Brigade has two sheds, each of which houses a fire-fighting tanker. Each tanker is fully equipped to turn out to bushfires and house fires. In addition the Brigade has a third fire-fighting vehicle, a four-wheel drive ultra light tanker.

The main station is situated at the corner of Ridge Road and Muir Road, Christmas Hills and was opened on 19 October, 2008. Mel 273 H2. There is also a shed in the Bend of Islands at 6 Catani Boulevard, near its upper junction with Henley Road. Mel 24 K1.

We have three mobile units. Christmas Hills Tanker 1 is an Isuzu four-wheel drive truck with a 2000 litre tank. Christmas Hills Tanker 2 is a Hino four-wheel Medium Tanker with crew cab and a 2700 litre tank. Christmas Hills Ultra Light is a Nissan four-wheel drive unit with a 500 litre tank. In addition to the tankers the Brigade owns a trailer with a permanently mounted quickfill pump

How Old is the Brigade?

The Christmas Hills Fire Brigade was registered in February 1941, though there is a record of a Brigade meeting held in the Mechanics Institute Hall in 1939.

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Who Are We?
What Do We Do?
Where Do We Work?
What Are Our Resources?
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