The Christmas Hills Fire Brigade was registered in February 1941, though there is a record of a Brigade meeting held in the Mechanics Institute Hall in 1939. In 1962 a fire burned from Kinglake to Heathmont, including all of the brigade area.

The brigade has had a lot of vehicles which have been upgraded regularly over the years In the 1960s the Brigade had an Austin tanker, and a Nissen hut situated on the main Eltham-Yarra Glen Road opposite One Tree Hill Road. In the early 1970s the brigade had a Willys and in the late 1970s the Christmas Hills community had raised the money to buy a second tanker to complement the Bedford which, by then, had replaced the Willys. The new Toyota 4WD was fitted out as a small, 'quick response' unit and was donated to the CFA in 1979.

The CFA now supplies and maintains all three of our tankers, currently an Isuzu 3.4, an Isuzu 2.4 and a Nissan Ultralight tanker.

In the early 1980s the Brigade area was split in two by the construction of the Sugarloaf Reservoir. Compulsory aquisition of the land for the Reservoir disrupted the community severely and several older residents had to sell and move away.

After some years of negotiation between the Brigade and the CFA a second station was built in the Bend of Islands (the southern part of the Brigade area) to house one of our tankers. Construction of Sugarloaf Reservoir also disrupted Brigade membership but the community rallied and today the Brigade and the community form an active, cohesive and effective unit.

In October 2008 the brigade moved into a "new" fire station on the corner of Muir Road and Ridge Road - at a location which used to be the "heart of town" on the Cobb and Co route along Ridge Road. In February 2009 the Kilmore East fire burned the northern part of the brigade area with the loss of 17 houses.

A Brief History of the Christmas Hills Fire Brigade


Christmas Hills crew during the 1962 fires which swept the entire brigade area.

Lieutenants Dianne Simmons and Mark Denton with our Leyland in 1984

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