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Christmas Hills Fire Brigade

Why Join?

The fire brigade is a community volunteer organisation that depends on the involvement and input of as many members of our community as possible. We need people who are able to complete Firefighter Minimum Skills training, come to training sessions on Sunday mornings, turnout to incidents when ever they are available, and participate in running the brigade by attending monthly meeetings.

If you are interested in joining the Christmas Hills Fire Brigade or would like more information about the Brigade, please contact the Captain Pete Rae 0402 759 154 or Secretary Deirdre Lucas 9712 0391.

Wildfire Firefighter Minimum Skills Training

After your first meeting with the Captain or Secretary, you need to apply for membership and agree to a Police check. The Brigade then votes on whether to accept your application, and paperwork is sent on to the Country Fire Authority for processing. Once you have been approved by the CFA you can begin brigade activities and start your training. All new members serve a probationary period of six months, during which time the individual and the Brigade can assess if they are right for each other.

You will need to obtain Bushfire Firefighter Minimum Skills covering:

• Personal Safety

• Map Reading

• Communications

• Bushfire Behaviour

• Combatting the Fire

This usually takes about 20 sessions over 6 months, and at the completion of Bushfire Firefighter Minimum Skills training, members can start to turnout to incidents accompanied by more experienced members. Members can also participate in further training for specialist areas such as driving heavy vehicles and Breathing Apparatus and Search and Rescue. Make contact and see if this is for you!


Training for hot fire attack.

Dial 000 for all emergencies