Christmas Hills Fire Brigade

Brigade management team

ohs Officer: Dianne Simmons

Dianne has retired as a full time teacher of fire and plant ecology at Deakin University. Dianne joined the Brigade in 1979, and has held a number of positions in the Brigade over the years. This is Dianne’s second stint as Captain.

Lieutenant 4:Gareth Millington

Peter lives on a farm in Christmas Hills and has been a Brigade member since 2003. He manages a number of his other farm properties in the area. Peter is the equipment manager for the Brigade.

Communications Officer: Robyn Adams

Robyn a retired tertiary teacher, and lives in Christmas Hills. Robyn joined the Brigade in 1979 and has held a number of Brigade positions over the years.

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Lieutenant 2: Michael Skewes

Michael is an artist who lives in the Bend of Islands. He joined the Brigade in 1997. Since then he has been an active firefighter and a crew leader. He currently serves as 1st Lieutenant and is responsible for the Brigade's Breathing Apparatus and its training programme

Lieutenant 1: Quentin Mattiske

Quentin lives in the Bend of Islands and joined the brigade in 1983. He has been 4th Lieutenant and Communications Officer and is currently the Brigade’s Lieutenant responsible for pre-plans and community engagement.

Lieutenant 3:Peter Mildenhall

Peter is a retired teacher and lives in the Bend of Islands. He has been a Brigade member since 1995 and is a past member of Flowerdale Brigade. Peter is the Brigade's training manager.

Captain: Peter Rae

Pete and his family live in the Bend of Islands. Pete joined in 2009, and in 2013 was elected as a Lieutenant, with responsibilities for Brigade preparedness. He was elected Captain in April 2015

Secretary: Deirdre Lucas

Deirdre lives in the Bend of Islands, and joined the Brigade in 2010, not long after moving into the area.. Deirdre is the Brigade’s 'fire safe kids' educator, and also Brigade Secretary.

Training Officers: Mandy Walters and Noel Renouf

Treasurer: Craig Robinson